A Simple, Revitalizing Hand Treatment you can do at home.

Try this superior spa like treatment with the essentials collection from County Apothecary. 

This is a relaxing and soothing treatment that will smooth and soften your hands for days.

Place about one teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil in the palm of your hand. Add one half to one teaspoon of table sugar and mix to melt the coconut oil and blend in the sugar.

Gently massage you hands and fingers together. Use one hand to massage the other and 'scrub' each finger from base to tip. About two minutes of light scrubbing and massaging is ideal.

Use warm water with the Pure Cleansing bar to wash your hands.

  • Apply 3-5 drops of The Serum to hands and thoroughly massage into skin.
  • Wait about 5 minutes for complete absorption.
  • Finish with a light application of Vital Nutrients Moisturizer.

Now go ahead and show off those beautiful hands!

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