Omega-3 Fatty What?

What if you could get the important omega-3 fatty acids required daily without eating fish or taking smelly capsules? Turns out - you can.

Purslane tops the list of plants high an essential omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)

Omega-3s are a class of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. Your body cannot manufacture essential fatty acids, so you must get them from food. ALA’s are called essential omega- 3 fatty acids as they are needed for normal human growth and development

Omega –3 fatty acids contribute to a healthy, permeable skin barrier function.   Lipids (fats) are natural compounds found in the skin. 

There are many kinds of lipids, but ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids are the main ones that play a vital role in our overall skin health, increasing cellular turnover and maintaining this skin barrier which can prevent water loss and prevents microbes and toxins passing across this barrier into skin.

In skin, the main role of AHA fatty acids is related to the production of ‘signaling molecules’ that control the inflammatory response.

These fatty acids can also regulate the skin’s oil production, which can minimize signs of ageing, skin breakouts and redness.  They are important components of the cell membranes in your skin and help it to retain water and moisture, making your skin look healthy and hydrated. These plumper skin cells can provide a more youthful appearance and minimize wrinkles.

Omega – 3 fatty acids are important parts of your cell membranes that improve their resilience to UV rays and also help them protect other parts of the cell against free radicals, and may accelerate wound healing.

Omega –3 fatty acids in our formulations also help skin better absorb the antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins provided by our other ingredients, through it’s skin barrier support mechanism.

Stay tuned for more information as there is so much more to learn about the nutritional profile of purslane and how it benefits both our skin and body health.

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